Jan ter Heide en Evelien Verkerk
Jan ter Heide en Evelien Verkerk beeldend kunstenaarsduo

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Knitted Landscape by Jan ter Heide and Evelien Verkerk

Exhibition of Knitted Landscape 2007

Dutch artists Jan ter Heide and Evelien Verkerk have been working together since 1994. They have both always used textiles, and so knitting came as a natural thing to do. They rediscovered knitting in spring 2005 because they wanted to initiate an exhibition about knitted art. After seeing works by Freddie Robins and other artists who participated in the exhibition Knit 2 Together by the Crafts Council in London, it inspired them to pick up the needles again.
They started to knit for Knitted Landscape in July 2006. The primary goal was to produce something soft and positive as a reaction to all of the bad things happening around the world (including Holland, where they live). Jan was going to Ireland and Evelien was going to France when they had the idea of knitting an object and leaving it at a beautiful spot for somebody to find. In a way, the presence of an alien object, such as a knitting-covered stone, changes the way you look at the landscape. After that, the idea evolved into knitting flowers, mushrooms etc. The labels attached to the items give the name of the website where all of the photos are published.

Leaving knitted objects and taking photographs gives you a real kick, the fantasy of someone finding it… sometimes even being present when that happens is great fun.
Jan and Evelien also get enthusiastic reactions from finders and others, who simply stumble upon the website, from all over the world,.
Initially they acted anonymously but in September 2007 they had their ‘coming out’ because of their exhibition with the photos from Knitted Landscape and other knitted objects.
Although they personally visited most of the locations on the website, sometimes they ask people to take a knitted item with them on a trip and then send them the photos. After their exhibition received media attention, they received lots of photos from other people of their own knitted items.

They also experimented with knitted texts (e.g. quotes about knitting). Words, statements or poetry, also left at special places and photos put on www.knitwit.nl.
The handmade feeling of the knitted items, plus the idea that someone is crazy enough to spend 'valuable' time to make such things, gives something extra to the objects. In a way, a person who finds one of the items gets a handmade gift, which makes it very special. On the website they can also discover that they are part of a worldwide art project.

www.knittedlandscape.com (the landscape pictures, in English)
www.knitwit.nl (the knitted texts, in English)